Ferris Wheel, SKYMAX 60


It is located on the 3rd floor of Carnival Park, Mihama which is known for the Ferris wheel as its landmark.

Come and ride the one-and-only Ferris wheel in Okinawa, Ferris Wheel with your friends, date, or family. Actually, the name of the Ferris wheel is “SKYMAX 60”.

Open 11:00 – 22:00 (Open everyday)
TEL 098-982-7735
FAX 098-982-7736
Non smoking, eating and drinking ban, Pets are not allowed.
Floor 3Floor Map

Adult:500 yen
Children (up to 4 years old – high school students):300 yen
Up to 3 years free

The following children elementary school I hope accompanied guardian.
On the entrainment also towards the attendant wheelchair, you can ride not hesitate to.
Weak Please refrain from the drunk-heart.
You may become suspended and discontinuation of service depending on the weather.

photos by http://www.fotoshisa.com/ / Pete Leong


There is a board where you want to paste the wish to Ferris wheel (SKYMAX60) landing.