Teppan-yaki and Okonomi-yaki Shop ICHIGENYA

鉄板焼&お好み焼 いちげん屋

Ichigenya is originally from Osaka, which is the home of teppan-yaki and okonomi-yaki.
The Osaka-native owner hand-picks the ingredients and the originally blended sauce is shipped all the way from Osaka! You can also enjoy kimchi from Tsuruhashi, Osaka, and bonito from Niigata.
There are also monjya-yaki, which is popular with women, dishes for two, and family set menus you can share with 4-5 people, so there are a variety of dishes to choose from.

Open 11:30 – 22:30 [Last order 22:00] (Close: Unfixed Holidays)
TEL 098-936-6333
FAX 098-936-6333
Seat number 28 seats, All seats non smoking.
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鉄板焼&お好み焼 いちげん屋 鉄板焼&お好み焼 いちげん屋 鉄板焼&お好み焼 いちげん屋 鉄板焼&お好み焼 いちげん屋